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Listed in this area are the latest submissions being proposed by the APP working parties on subjects relevant to their expertise.

These documents are in Word or pdf format. 


The Committee is looking for ways to improve their communication with members about the discussion that takes place in the APP working parties which meet normally under the chairmanship of one of the Committee members.

The Committee have agreed the following guidelines which are designed to ensure that sensible two-way communication can be achieved between the working parties and members generally on topics of interest on which formal representation on behalf of the APP is likely to result.

The APP Committee have agreed the following guidelines to ensure the working parties have a means of communicating with the membership.

1 Types of working party

There are two types of working party (a) those that are created in response to an ad hoc issue (eg. LLPs and Age Discrimination); and (b) those that are a more permanent feature of the APP's governance (eg. Taxation, Insolvency and MDPs).

2 Membership

Where possible, the Chair of a working party should be a member of the Committee, in order to ensure a direct reporting line back to the Committee. The Chair of a working party should seek members with relevant experience and expertise. Members may be invited to join a working party directly or by “advertising” for interested parties, e.g. through the website or an email.

Working party members should principally be drawn from the APP’s existing members. Where non-members with relevant experience are co-opted to a working party, they should be encouraged (but not required) to join the APP.

The target number of members for a working party is about six, including the Chair. All relevant professions should be represented.

3 How working parties operate

Where time permits, every effort should be made to arrange an open meeting for the APP’s membership for full consultation on any specific matter on which an APP submission is to be made.

If a full meeting is not possible, a draft of the proposed submission should be put on the APP website and members alerted via an email, so that they have an opportunity to review and comment upon it.

Working parties should meet as often as needed to progress and monitor the issues with which they are dealing. In most cases, a quarterly meeting is likely to be sufficient, unless there are deadline matters on which the working party is working.

The Chair of the working party should report to the Committee of the APP at bi-monthly meetings and keep APP members informed on as timely a basis as possible through the APP website and/or newsletter. Where there are significant minority/dissenting views, the Chair will seek to incorporate these into working party reports. There may be occasions when it is appropriate to email updates to APP members. 

Submissions in 2019


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