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Association of Partnership Practitioners

Arbitrators & Mediators Registration

Complete the application form below to apply to be included as an arbitrator and/or mediator in the APP's directories.  The APP Committee reserves the right to decline applications.  
Applicants for inclusion in the arbitrators' directory must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
1    Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
2    Barrister of at least 10 years call
3    Solicitor (a) with at least 10 years' post-qualification experience and (b) have rights of audience before the higher courts under the Higher Courts Qualification Regulations 2000
4.   Person who has been the arbitrator in 10 or more partnership dispute* arbitrations

For APP member applicants applying to be included in the mediators' directory no formal qualifications or training are required in order to be included in the Directory, though persons seeking a mediator may well consider relevant qualifications and/or training to be important.  Non-APP members must have participated as mediator in five or more partnership dispute mediations*

The fee for inclusion in the Directory is a one-off fee of £150 (£100 for APP Members) payable in advance, on application.  Fees for inclusion on the list paid by unsuccessful applicants will be returned.

The application form will request your acceptance of the terms and conditions which can be viewed by clicking here.

To complete the registration form please click on one of the buttons below or on the right

*partnership dispute" means for this purpose any dispute or difference involving issues of fact or law in relation to partnerships, limited partnerships and/or limited liability partnerships and/or the rights, duties, liabilities and/or interests of their partners or members.

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