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Association of Partnership Practitioners

Arbitrators & Mediators Registration Terms & Conditions


I agree with each of the current members of the Committee of the Association of Partnership Practitioners (“APP”), for their benefit, and for the benefit of each of the members of the APP from time to time and at any time (other than myself), including each of its committee members from time to time and at any time, as follows:

(a)      The Committee (which term here and hereafter includes each of the members of the committee of the APP now and from time to time) (or any one or more persons authorised by the Committee) have absolute discretion from time to time as to whether or not to include me in or remove me from the APP’s directory of mediators and arbitrators (“the Directory”) without giving reasons, provided that I understand that my name and the other information concerning me in relation to my services as a mediator and/or arbitrator (“the Information”) will be removed within a reasonable period if I so request.  I will accept and will take no issue with decisions not to include me or to remove me from the Directory, and I waive any right that I may have now or in the future to pursue any action or claim in respect of any such decisions.  

(b)      I consent to the inclusion of the Information being displayed in the appropriate list in the Directory on the APP’s website, and understand that the Information will be available to the public at large to access at all times, until a reasonable period after I have notified the APP in writing of my request to have the Information concerning me removed from the Directory and thus from the APP’s website.  Notwithstanding my removal at any time from the Directory, I consent to the APP retaining indefinitely the Information and details as to when the Information was in the Directory and/or displayed on the APP’s website.

(c)      I warrant that the information provided by me in support of my application for inclusion in the Directory is correct.

(d)      I will procure that the information about me provided from time to time (whilst my name appears in the Directory) on any website to which I supply a link to be shown in the Directory is correct and not in any manner misleading.

(e)      I will conduct myself in respect of any appointment which to my knowledge I obtain wholly or in part by virtue of my inclusion in the Directory in a proper manner, in particular (but without limitation) in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, professional ethics and codes of conduct, and will indemnify the APP its Committee and members against all actions, claims, demands and costs against them arising by virtue of any act or omission of mine in my dealings with any person who approaches and/or appoints me in consequence or partly in consequence of my inclusion in the Directory.

(f)      I will not take appointments which to my knowledge are offered to me wholly or in part by virtue of my inclusion in the Directory where to my knowledge any of the parties is resident, domiciled, registered and/or has a place of business in or the subject matter of the dispute or the events in question are or were located in, connected to or occurred in the United States of America or Canada.

(g)     I confirm that I am neither employed by nor in partnership with the APP or its Committee or members, and that no relationship of agency exists between me and the APP’s Committee and/or its members or any of them.   

I confirm that the matters stated by me in this application form are true and correct, I wish to apply to be included in the Directory and I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.  


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