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Association of Partnership Practitioners

Arbitrators and Mediators Terms and Conditions

The Association of Partnership Practitioners are NOT an appointing body. The directories are provided by the Association with the aim of assisting any person seeking an arbitrator or mediator with knowledge and/or experience of the kinds of issues that arise in partnership and LLP disputes to find such a person. The persons appearing in the directories have put themselves forward for inclusion in the directory, and have not been vetted by the Association as to suitability for the roles to which you may seek to appoint them. It is your responsibility to determine such suitability. Your attention is drawn to the important terms and conditions below.

The Association will be delighted to receive any feedback you feel able to give, subject to any confidentiality obligation to which you may be subject. If after being involved with or using any of the arbitrators or mediators included in these directories, you would like to give any feedback, we should be grateful if you would complete a feedback form using the following link Feedback form. We may share your feedback with the person concerned. We will otherwise keep it confidential.

Terms and Conditions


These directories are provided for information purposes only. The Association of Partnership Practitioners are NOT an appointing body. We do not warrant, represent or guarantee that the information concerning each listed individual which appears on this website (which has been provided by the listed individual in each case), or which appears on any listed individual’s website, is correct or full and complete. The inclusion of any individual in this directory does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of that individual or their services. The listed individuals have indicated their wish to take appointments. We neither accept nor assume any duty to make inquiry as to their suitability or ability. The listed individuals are not employed by or in partnership with the APP and/or its Committee or other officers or employees or members or any of them (“APP personnel”), and no relationship of agency exists between any of the listed individuals and APP personnel. By accessing this directory “you” (which term includes you and any person whom you have actual or ostensible authority to bind contractually in relation to these matters) agree (for the benefit of APP personnel):

  • (a) that you accept and admit all of the matters specified above and will not make any allegation to the contrary;
  • (b) to conduct and rely solely upon your own investigations as to the suitability and ability of any listed individual in relation to your requirements and as to the accuracy of the information provided before proceeding to rely on, appoint or contract with him or her;
  • (c) that APP personnel shall have no liability for loss or damage suffered by you in the course of any dealings with any listed individuals, or in the course of performance or partial or non-performance by any listed individuals of any contract or other arrangement with them;
  • (d) that you will not provide any information obtained from this Directory to any person without:
  • (i) bringing the above statements and these terms to the attention of any such person; and
  • (ii) that person being bound to these terms by virtue of your agency on their behalf;
  • (e) that none of the parties to the dispute is resident, domiciled, registered or has a place of business in, none of the subject matter of the dispute is located in, and none of the events in question occurred in the United States of America or Canada;
  • (f) that this agreement is governed by English law and that all disputes or differences arising from or connected with it fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales; and
  • (g) that these terms constitute the whole of the agreement between you and us.

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